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World Braille day! Things you should know about Braille.

Have you ever had an experience of meeting a blind person or talking to them? I had such an experience quite recently. I feel blind people are the least judgemental people you will ever meet on the whole planet. Period. I had met this person randomly on a train when I was heading to my hometown. It takes like 27 hours to reach my place and we have a lot of free time. So when I started talking to this person, for the first time in my life, someone was talking to me without any judgement. He was the sweetest person I have ever met. We talked for hours where he told me about his family and his daily struggles as a blind person. One thing I liked the most about that man was he was so optimistic about life, even though he has never seen it. He just feels it.

One thing he said that touched me and I would remember it forever is that “Life has struggles, we have to face it. As a blind person, I face a lot of struggles. But something that keeps me going is the fact that I cannot lose to the hardships.” I mean it is quite rare to see such optimism and a different approach towards life. He told me that one thing that has helped him is by learning Braille. For those who don’t have any idea about it, Braille is a form of written language, developed for blind people. But are you thinking that why is she suddenly talking about braille and blind people? That is because today is World Braille Day. Every year January 4th is celebrated as World Braille Day.

This was developed by a person named Louis Braille, hence the name Braille script and don’t misunderstand it as a language. It is not a language it is just a form of written language. Braille can be written in any language you want. Braille helped a lot of blind people, to gain opportunities, to gain knowledge, and many other things. The best example is Helen Keller. You must be knowing her, she was the first deafblind person to write a book. Can you even imagine a blind person writing a book? I didn’t until I heard about Helen. Braille helped her do that.

man and Braille script

It is said that Braille was invented by Louis Braille after he lost his sight due to some accident. Braille is not just a language it is a code. How it works is that there are braille cells. Each cell consists of six dots and the dots that are raised in various combinations, show various letters and then words can be figured out with that. But do you know a lot of blind people too are unaware of braille?

Braille script

Braille is not just for languages, Maths can also be done by that. Connor, 17, explained: "Braille helps me to do all my work in class and it helps me to be able to access newspapers and banks statements through my BrailleNote Touch which is a laptop with a braille display.” - Royal Blind School Pupil. The braille has also helped musicians. Are you shocked as I am? But it is true. There is something known as Braille music which is the traditional six dots process, but it has its own syntax and translations. This helps musicians to dictate their notes.

Braille although has a lot of benefits, you must be wondering what can I do with this information. What you can do is you can learn braille to understand how it works or you can help blind people by spreading this information to them. Any blind person can get help from this. A child can complete his schooling because of this Braille and be independent financially, educationally, and technologically. Yes, you can use braille in ios too! One more fun fact for you.

To help anyone you can help by sharing the knowledge you have and you can tell people about the blind schools too. You see kindness never hurts and when you do something nice for someone, they remember you for a lifetime and Happy World Braille Day!

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