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Why should everyone know about World Cancer Day?

Cancer! It sounds as dangerous as it really is. Did you know 4th February is World Cancer Day? You must be thinking that it is a dangerous thing and there is nothing to celebrate. Then why there is World Cancer Day? I understand that this day is not to celebrate cancer but it is to create awareness amongst the people. It is to encourage treatment and prevention of cancer.

Fighting cancer

I know all diseases are dangerous and every person who is sick needs help. Cancer is something that ruins the lives of people. I am not saying it as a person who has a general idea of what cancer is and what it can do to people. I am saying this as a person who has seen a person going through this trauma and suffering.

My grandmother was very close to me. Whenever I used to visit my grandmother's house, she was the one who used to get most excited whenever we used to visit her and she used to make it feel like a festival. You must have seen many memes where you visit grandmom’s home and come from there becoming all fat and chubby. In my case it was true. She used to make so much food and make me eat all the time we were in their house.

It was all great until she was diagnosed with tooth cancer. I have seen her become the dullest, weakest person. She was the most fun person I had ever met. Everyone was with her during the whole process and was supporting her but you know what? That isn’t enough. When you feel like you have lost all the hope and when you feel that death is coming near, the hope people give isn’t enough. We cannot cheer ourselves when we face minor problems then just think about them.

Cancer is a disease that occurs when changes in a group of normal cells within the body lead to uncontrolled, abnormal growth forming a lump called a tumor; this is true of all cancers except leukemia (cancer of the blood). If left untreated, tumors can grow and spread into the surrounding normal tissue, or to other parts of the body via the bloodstream and lymphatic systems, and can affect the digestive, nervous and circulatory systems or release hormones that may affect body function. (© 2022 UICC | World Cancer Day, All rights reserved)

Chemotherapy is also not that easy. It is to remove cancer but the amount of pain and suffering it gives is unbearable. It not only gives you physical pain but also gives you emotional suffering. It affects your whole family. But chemotherapy is the only solution for this. It is so much better than before at least there is an option to try before just giving up. Before there was none. I lost my grandmother due to that. Ignorance is the main reason for losing someone.

On this day we can celebrate and encourage people who fought cancer and help people who are still fighting with one. Everything is easy to say and difficult when it comes to facing it but we can just show support to them and hope for their lives. Did you know almost 10 million people die from cancer every day? It is the second leading reason for deaths all over the world. It can be prevented and it can be treated until it is discovered early. Do not neglect any symptoms.

There are many types of cancer some of which are treatable and some aren’t. Women have an extra set of cancers like uterus cancer or breast cancer. 1st October to 31st October is breast cancer awareness month. Breast cancer is one cancer that shows early signs and women can visit a doctor if they find any. Blood cancer is one of the common cancers and most dangerous.

It is said that millions of lives can be saved with proper implementation and awareness. Don’t you think it should be done as soon as possible? We all can raise awareness among the people we know. We can talk to our friends and relatives and give them knowledge about cancer, types of them and how it can affect various people and how it can be prevented. Cancer is a huge thing and by creating awareness if we can save even one life then we and that one person can thank you and we can thank ourselves for helping a person.

Cancer is tough but it can be fought when we are together and there are better treatments and availability of the best medicines. We cannot do anything related to medicine, so let us leave that in the hands of the doctors and medical researchers, we will do what we can. Using various platforms to create awareness in the people and try saving the lives of the people.

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