• Kajal Patil

Why being kind is not a Weakness?

Growing up, as a child in a safe environment, I believed that people treat each other fairly. You know, that innocence in every child, how they see and think differently, and of course, that is necessary, but as we grow up, we come to know and understand the reality of how the world works, how people think. We come to know that there is a lack of trust between us, and how we don't treat each other fairly.

I remember, in school, one of my favorite subjects was Personality Development. I used to enjoy the class very much. Each and every chapter in the book teaches us how to develop our personality, helps us build character, our attitude in everything we do, how to be kind and helpful to each other, in short, being a good and decent human. These are basic human qualities we learn while growing up, in school.

Being kind is being human

You know, in my school, there were so many people who were not kind. Selfish. But when they ask for any help from me even today, I can never say no and that I considered was my biggest weakness, I felt at the time, until recently.

Growing up the biggest lesson I learnt in life was that I am being unkind to the most important person in my life “ME”.

I realized saying ‘no’ when I don’t have the strength to do something was me being kind to myself. I have learned to set boundaries this shows people how I should be treated. It's good to keep some healthy boundaries in any kind of relationship even a relationship with yourself. I have learned to be kind and strong at the same time.

Now let’s talk about the other side of kindness. How “being kind” is perceived differently by different people. I have experienced personally that people often misjudge kindness for weakness.

There are different ways of showing kindness and sometimes we fail to recognize it. In our choice of words, listening to people is also a way of being kind, kindness doesn’t always have to be a big grand gesture.

You can begin with your workplace by giving a compliment to your colleague for doing a good job, while at home when the food is not what you expect but instead of being upset about it, you appreciate what you have on the table, that there is being kind.

People often expect good food after they have been at work the whole day.

Red hibiscus on a paved sidewalk
Be as kind as a flower

Why “being kind” is a sign of strength and not weakness?

Kindness is all about being generous, a consideration without any expectations. It's a fruitful and selfless act. Being kind is the quality of a strong heart. Kind people have the courage to show kindness to anyone in need.

A heart that is strong, can only paint a world of real kindness. Because you need inner strength to be kind and that is why being kind is not a weakness.

I have seen how people bully each other, comment sarcastically, and are unkind to others. It is easy to get angry or aggressive. These kinds of people don't really have the courage to show kindness to others. In my experience, such people need more kindness, because we may never know what they are going through or might have gone through in life.

People get angry or aggressive so easily because these emotions are actually out of some kind of insecurity or inner fear. Being kind is a quality of a strong person, a fearless, strong person. It takes a lot of courage. You can’t be kind to someone until you love your own self fully and someone that loves themselves unconditionally is a strong person.

You know one of the refined qualities of a flower is generosity and kindness. It spreads its fragrance, so tender, kind and loving, fills us with so much joy and beauty. It only gives and sacrifices itself in the making of perfume or medicine. Never forget to be kind to yourself. Be loving and kind, you might not know how far your fragrance is flowing. Especially in these times, the world needs more kindness and love.

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