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Nail inspiration for your next manicure

Beauty is something that will always be special for me. I have been obsessed with beauty since forever. Like I love maintaining myself. It gives me confidence and I feel good. And maintaining yourself is important. And it is a good thing because it elevates your mood. It is something that gives you confidence and makes you happy. Many people like me feel that they aren’t good-looking or they feel quite insecure when it comes to their looks or body. I have felt a lot better about myself when I started maintaining myself.

Maintaining yourself is not only about the face, it is about your whole body, your mind, your soul. When you start maintaining yourself, you feel better, you feel happier. This also helps in your overall day. I remember days when I used to skip going out thinking everyone will make fun of me or I felt I am not worthy of anything just because I felt that I am not good-looking. But following the trends, maintaining myself has helped me a lot in gaining my confidence. So if you feel better with makeup and good nails, then do it for sure.

Nail art is popular now, and it makes your nails look all fancy and nice. It makes you look sexier too! People who are thinking that painting nails have no difference or use, you are thinking wrong. It has a lot of effects. It makes you feel good, on top of that when you get a manicure or a pedicure, the massage they give is quite relaxing and the cuticle oils are good for your nail health.

When it comes to nail art many trends are popular right now. People follow these trends to look great. The classic black and silver nails are a trend that will never go out of fashion. I mean who doesn’t like black? It is the epitome of colors. It’s classy, it always looks good, it matches with any outfit that you wear. What else is the purpose of life, if this is not?

Black and Silver nails

One of the other trends that are popular right now is sugar nails. You are probably wondering what the hell is sugar nails? No! It is not related to sugar! It is a method where a nail is dipped into a nail powder, to get a rough effect or an effect where it looks like you’ve dipped your nail into a sugar bottle and the sugar got stuck to your nail. It makes your nail look exotic. You’ve got a date planned? Don’t worry and try this nail trend for your next date.

Sugar Nails

If you don’t want a manicure but you want the simple yet elegant nail polish, then Magnetic nail polish is the best one for you. The magnetic nail polish trend started in 2011 and is still popular. It is nail polish with magnetic flakes which you can apply on your nails and then create different patterns using an external magnet. You can create many designs and make them look pretty. This trend of nails doesn’t take much time and looks great. So why don’t you guys give this trend a try?

Magnetic Nail art

If you are a person who likes handpainted things, then this is for you. Handpainted nails are in trend too! Handpainted patterns and design are quite great. You can see the effort that the artists do on your nails and you would appreciate it. It looks elegant on your nails. It would look great on almond-shaped nails. If you are thinking about what is almond-shaped nails, then don’t worry it’s not that complicated it’s just the artificial nails in the shape of an almond. It is a process where they file the nail in the sides, to make it look like an almond. It is a beautiful nail design and can be done on short as well as long nails.

Nail art is also used in pop culture a lot. Pop culture plays a major role when it comes to increasing the popularity of the nail arts. Pop culture fans find a lot of ways to include them in their daily life, like buying a favorite character’s bag or a pen or some other thing. A lot of BTS fans buy their merchandise, just because they are their fans.

Vivian Xue Rahey is a nail artist who has implemented this in her business. She is the CEO and the owner of course, of the Pamper Nail Galler, who makes nail arts of your favorite character. She also makes TikTok videos on this and can you believe she has 1.6 Million followers on Instagram. She recently custom-made Wandavision nails. It is so beautiful! We cannot take our eyes off her nail art. She also has 363K followers on her Instagram. All thanks to her pop culture references.

Vivian Xue Rahey nail art

One of the nail trends I am a fan of is the Dip Nails. Dip nails are nothing but a process where the nail is dipped into a color powder or we can apply it with a brush on the nails too! Then it is covered with a clear sealant. It gives you pretty pop of color. The main reason I love this nail art is that it is long-lasting. Can you believe it can last without chipping for a month or more than that sometimes? I mean that is amazing. I don’t need to go to a parlor frequently and I can have beautiful-looking nails for a long time.

I also like matte nails. Everyone must have heard about it. It is quite popular for a long time. Matte finish doesn’t let your nails shine. It gives you a classy look for your nails. Matte nails look good when you use a plain color on all of your fingernails. You can also style the matte nails according to your preferences. I mean you need to show your creativity somewhere right? Why not here? You can choose alternate matte colors for your nails. You can create a design using matte color, and you can paint your four nails with one color and paint a different color on one nail. The best part of it is you can do french tips too! (Psst… The french tip nails didn’t originate in France! It was developed by an American woman working in Hollywood.) - A fun fact just for your knowledge. *Winks*

Hey, by the way, did you know the nail designs change according to the seasons? If you didn’t know and you are in shock, then thank me for getting this information to you. I know I am praising myself a lot but that sentence I just said is true. The Fall nail design is the most popular of them. The fall nail design is as bright as the actual fall is.

It usually contains al bright and nude shades which are the colors of the leaves during the fall and its designs include Pumpkins and another thing which fall is famous for. And don’t forget about the pumpkin spice lattes! I heard that it is quite tasty. Aah! Leave about me I am always into food but anyway fall designs look super cute and are always trendy.

fall nail design

Whatever you do in life, keep your nails shining and manicured. It shows the power in your hands. You know life is not perfect but your nails can! Perfect nails are necessary for a perfect woman like you. So come on have the perfect nails and rock the world according to you.

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