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My Skincare Routine During My Late 20's.

Psstt, by late I mean 29!!

Skincare when I was younger was all about using natural ingredients available at home.

I remember waking up Sunday mornings, with no school to go to, and looking for something to eat, while I am rummaging the refrigerator to find something I like, I mindlessly pick out a bowl of curd.

While my mom is getting ready to make me some parathas, I throw in a spoon of turmeric and some honey into the curd and start mixing it. Before I even realize I am looking like a yellow alien with curd goo on my face.

Fast forward 15 years and here we are. Living in the age where everyone knows about chemical exfoliants and chemical peels for your face.

Everyone is either using retinoids or retinol in their skin care routine. I am amazed how skincare has skyrocketed in just mere 15 years of me growing up.

We as a generation ( I mean my peers, people my age, millennials) were big on using homemade face masks and body scrubs.

Your face feeling dull, put some honey, skin feeling dry use some milk, elbows looking scaly, slather some Ghee and we were good to go. The concept of using chemicals was alien to us, until very recently.

Now if you are reading this thinking you can copy my skin care routine, WRONG.

You can't and you definitely shouldn't. Skin care is personal and unique to each person, it is like your finger prints, no two are identical. No two skin care routines should or can be the same.

To begin with, I am big on seeing a dermatologist. Even if it is just for a tan (no I don't tan, I am brown, we de-tan, not in any way supporting fairer skin, just clear even tone skin).

Let's begin with my morning routine. Once I have showered, and dried, I use a deep moisturizing lotion, I have listed a few below, I keep switching amongst them depending on the season.

A bottle of body lotion (nivea brand)
Nivea Aloe Hydration

Nivea Aloe Hydration

I use this usually during rainy season and during Autumn. If you are using this by yourself, this bottle will last you for over 5 months. It is actually true to its name and stays on for 48 hrs. Don't ask me how I know this!

Rs : 357

Psssttt, That's a great discount price.

Blue bottle of nivea body lotion
Nivea Body Milk

Nivea Body Milk

I switch between Nivea Body Milk and Vaseline Cocoa Glow during the winter months. I like this for its thinner consistency and ease of application. This too will last through the whole of winter if a single person is using it.

Rs. 239

This too usually comes at discounted prices.

A bottle of vaseline cocoa glow
Vaseline Cocoa Glow

Vaseline Cocoa Glow

This is the best lotion for winters. Especially because of its heavenly fragrance. You will smell like a chocolate Goddess/God if you use this lotion. This lotion has a very thick consistency so it will not last you as long as the other two.

Rs. 279

This also usually will be easily available at discounted prices.

Next for my face I generally use Oil during winter months and creams for summers.

For mornings, I use Bio oil in addition to my sunscreen of course.

Let's not forget that sunscreen is the holy grail of any basic skin care routine. If you don't wear sunscreen in the am you are doing it all wrong.

So bio oil has two variations, one is the oil itself, and another is it's gel form. I use the oil, as the gel is way too oily and makes me break out.

Bio Oil

This oil not only keeps my dry skin supple, it also helps with fine lines and wrinkles. What more can you ask for?

It is more like a miracle in a bottle. Additionally, it also helps with sun spots.

Rs. 420

For nights I use Minimalist Lactic Acid exfoliant.

I begin with washing my face with Acmed Face wash, this was recommended by my dermatologist.

Acmed Face Wash

I have been using this for over 4 years now. It is a mild yet effective face wash. Cleanses deeply while still keeping your skin soft.

Rs. 358 ( pack of two)

What a steal compared to other cosmetic brands.

After I have cleansed off the day from my face I use Bio Oil and wait a couple of minutes. Once the skin has absorbed the oil, I go ahead with my Minimalist Lactic Acid exfoliant.

Minimalist Lactic Acid 10% + Hyaluronic Acid 1%

Minimalist has many skin exfoliation products, you can visit their website and take help from their virtual assistant to know what best suits your skin.

Rs. 599

And that's it. I don't put too much product on my skin. I prefer using chemical exfoliants rather than scrubs. I don't think scrubs really do much. Chemical exfoliants work fast. You will for sure experience purging when you start with chemical products. Make sure you start you skin care way before an event, I mean at least two months in advance.

What are your skincare secrets'? Share them in the comments below.

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