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Is sun damaging your lips? Here are some dermatologists recommended Lip Balms.

Skincare is quite an essential everyday habit. Skin is not just about looks but it is about health. It’s the same as taking care of your body. It’s necessary to take care of the skin too.

I started having a skincare routine quite late, after my 20’s. But after I started it, it has made me realize that proper skincare can do wonders for your skin.

There are several things in skincare you need to take care of. Firstly Dermatologists play a major role in your skincare. When you use a dermatologist’s recommended products, the skin has fewer chances of having adverse effects, of the sun and the environment overall. I did have my fair share of bad skincare products and zits here and there.

In this whole skincare fiesta, lips are the most essential part. That is because the lips are the most sensitive part of the skin. They get chapped easily, and the skin comes peeling off.

Did you know the UV rays also affect the lips as it affects the other parts of the skin? I bet you didn’t know that.

There might be some people who know too! But we are here to help you with some dermatologists’ recommended lip balms with SPF which would nourish your lips and give you luscious and pink-looking lips forever!

LAKME LIP LOVE - Amazing lip balm with a dash of color

Lakme lip love is an amazing lip balm that will provide you with full 22 hrs of protection from harmful UV rays.

It has SPF 15 which is your savior from those UV rays. The additional part is that it comes with a light tint and an amazing fruity smell. What else do we want in our lives?

One more thing – you can use it daily without any side effects and it is suitable for kids too.


Maybelline 3 in 1 Lip balm Maybelline Newyork Baby lips color - Secret to baby soft lips.

Did you know this lip balm contains Vitamin E and coconut oil? Both these ingredients in one lip balm are like finding gold.

It provides 16 hrs moisturization and it will give you those baby soft lips. It comes with 20 SPF which will save us from those strong UV rays. On top of that, it has fun tints. You know what that means right? No need to apply lipstick separately. And it is an affordable lip balm. Win win.


Organic Harvest Lemon Lip Balm - Organically enriched Lip balm

Do you hate applying chemicals to your skin? Do you buy everything organic? Then this product is made especially for you.

Organic Harvest Lemon lip balm is a product that uses no chemicals. It has Lemon extracts. That is quite useful for people who have dark lips and dream of having soft pink lips. This product helps lighten the lips and also reduces blemishes.

It is also a certified product. It has no side effects. It does stay away from parabens and sulfates so that’s a great thing.


Biotique Botanicals Bio morning nectar lip balm - Goodby chapped lips forever

Worried about your lips being chapped every two minutes? Don’t worry because Biotique Botanicals are there for your rescue.

The non-greasy formula provides proper hydration without your lips feeling sticky. It will not feel like you’ve applied glue on your lips. It comes with SPF 30, which will help you in protecting yourself from the harmful UV rays and it is also loaded with Vitamin E and antioxidants that will not let your lips age.


Himalaya Sun protect Orange lip balm - UV rays biggest enemy

This is a lip balm that has 30 SPF and PA++. Himalaya Sun Protect Orange Lip Balm will provide you protection from the sun for a long time.

If you are a person who works or stays outdoors for a long time, then this is a great lip balm for you. It gives moisturization for a long time and makes your lips supple and soft. You would thank us after using this lip balm. Do give it a try.


These are some of the lip balms that would help you in the long run. Try these and do let us know.

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