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Intention setting : Why it is so Powerful and why you should do it

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

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Brain = Idea = Action

We are given diaries as kids in school to write down/track our homework. Remember how we used to forget things we didn’t write down in them?

Similarly, Setting intentions are a way of remembering what is important for the day.

When did you last check in with yourself? Maybe you wake up and get straight to work, or putting everyone else's needs before your own is the first thing you do.

I've been focusing more on keeping my puppy happy since I got her instead of attending to my own needs in the mornings. After a while, I realized that I had lost the habit of checking in with myself before the day began.

A sense of disconnection from yourself and your goals may result from not checking in with yourself on a regular basis. In general, the more you avoid your own needs, the more overwhelmed you will be.

Setting an intention every day can help combat this feeling. Before the day begins, I take a moment to reflect on what I want to get out of it.

As a result, I can stay more mindful throughout the day and focus on the kind of energy I would like to attract.

The process of setting daily intentions takes no more than five minutes, and it keeps you on track toward your goals, desires, and needs. My goal in this article is to explain what a daily intention is, why it's important, and provide examples of how to set one.

What is an Intention?

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Setting intentions the cool way

You commit to yourself when you set an intention.

Intentions aren't always goals or things to be measured. When it comes to goals, we're often taught to set them according to the SMART framework, but intentions are different.

Intentions are feelings. I think of it as a vibe.

It's more about being than achieving.

An intention can be:

  • When faced with a decision, this tool will help you choose the best direction

  • You need a reminder of what you want to focus on (because we understand how challenging it can be to focus).

  • Determine your preferred energy type for the day by identifying it

  • Remind yourself to stay mindful on your journey through the day

You can align your intentions with your values or goals. As well as relating to your goals, they can provide insight into how you want your life to be. As an example, if productivity is important to you, you might set your intention to stay focused and avoid distractions today.

Why Set Daily Intentions?

Awareness and action are the keys to changing our lives. Setting an intention allows you to pay attention to your own thoughts and actions (since we are most of the time not attending to them).

Why not simply set a goal? It's important to set goals because we are pushed out of our comfort zone and onto new challenges. You aren't guaranteed to attain your goals just because you set them.

The steps you need to take to achieve your goals are identified in your action plan. Focus and mindset are necessary to staying committed to the steps.

Getting distracted or talking yourself out of your goal is easy without the right mindset. This is why you should have an intention. You are reminded of what you are capable of. Being aware of your thoughts helps you understand their importance and not get swayed by them.

As part of your daily routine, I recommend writing down your daily intention. If you'd like, you may want to write this down in your journal, daily planner, or on your phone's Notes section.

To set daily intentions, I write the following in my journal:

Today, I intend to [fill in the blank].

Think for a moment about what you want out of this day. Make a list of what you hope to get out of the experience. Consider the energy you want to attract.

Here are some other things to think about:

  • Who is the person you wish to be today?

  • How would you like to be viewed by others?

  • How can you live a meaningful life if you commit to certain things?

  • How can you achieve your goals if you focus on what matters to you?

Depending on the day, you might switch your intentions from time to time, or you might stick with one intention.

In the process of setting an intention, always ask yourself why the intention is important. How does this relate to bigger goals, values, or desires? As a result, the intention is better ingrained into your mind to serve a greater purpose.

This is a personal commitment. Be gentle with them; don't impose harsh rules.

Daily Intention Examples

Here are a few examples of my past daily intentions:

Today, I intend to:

  • Keep my focus on my task list

  • Take time to be present

  • Stand up for what I believe in

  • I should pay attention to my intuition and follow its lead

  • Have fun with my creativity

  • Keep my work organized and intentional

  • I need to be more open to new possibilities, but I must not shut myself down

  • Stay in my heart, not my head

  • Make sure your priorities are in order

  • Embrace all forms of change

How To Fulfill Your Intentions During The Day

There's a good chance that you'll get sidetracked. The brain responds to whatever we are presented with in the moment, so it will take conscious effort to remind yourself of the intention you set for the day.

Here are a few tips to help remember your intention:

  1. Write your intention in a planner or notebook at your desk so you'll see it every day.

  2. Put a sticky note on your computer screen and write your intention there.

  3. Use your intention as the name for your reminder alarm. At times of the day when you are most likely to lose focus (for me, that's around 3 pm).

  4. Before you begin your day, reflect on the intention. It is beneficial to repeat the intention while sitting in stillness for 5 minutes a day.

  5. Consider whether you were able to follow through with your intention. Think of a few things you may be able to do better tomorrow if not today.

Try it out for yourself and set an intention for the day

It is my sincerest hope that you have been inspired by this post to set daily intentions to stay connected to yourself and to reach your goals. What intention will you set for yourself today?

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