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Instagram Style of the week

As a fashion enthusiast, I always try to follow trends or copy celebrities for fashion inspiration. I think there is nothing wrong with it. When you want to look chic, you need to follow the trends. So, we brought to you the best styles of the week, that you can follow to get those “Aww you look so good!” comments from your friends and colleagues.


Always in trend, but a classy style is a trouser suit. From the office to an after-party, anywhere and at any time this can be worn. If you want to be a highlight of the party then you should try this. Priyanka Chopra rocked this look during her press tour for the Matrix movie.

Priyanka Chopra in red trouser suit

Leather Dress

If you want to look cute as well as sexy at the same time then say hello to a leather dress. This is perfect for the winter and gives you the feel as if you are in a movie. The perfect inspiration for this style would be Ariana Grande. She wore a brown leather Vivienne Westwood design for a show.

Ariana Grande in brown leather dress

Body-hugging gowns/Dress

If you want to be a lead in a Disney movie or at least want to feel like it, gowns are the best option for that. Body-hugging dresses highlight your body in a subtle yet sexy way and are in trend right now. Zendaya wore a perfect body-hugging dress for the Premier of Spiderman-no way home.

Zendaya in body hugging dress

Ruffle Saree-

This week one style that is on top of the charts is traditional wear and the best traditional style this week was sarees. Sarees are always elegant and beautiful. This week two celebrities Aila Bhatt and Katrina Kaif have inspired us to wear sarees. Katrina’s ruffle saree is the simple but elegant look we need.

Katrina Kaif in a ruffle saree

Animal Prints -

One of my favorites and best styles ever are animal prints. Anything you wear in animal prints looks great. It’s my personal favorite and this style never goes out of style. This week Kareena Kapoor khan aka our Bebo wore an Animal printed top for K3G celebration not only that Hollywood actress Mandy Moore was also seen wearing an animal printed dress for the premiere of “This Is Us”

Kareena kapoor in animal print top

Apart from the looks mentioned above, Nude colors, Bright reds, and Sweatshirt-Jeans are some of the trending looks right now. Mix and match of the colors would make a great look to sport on. If you are a fan of Prints like me then you can always style prints with any skirts, Pants you want.

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