• Shivani Vobblisetty

How to ignite the spark in your relationship

Relationships are the most beautiful thing in the world. Be it any relationship it is the vibe, the bond that matters the most. How many times as a person who is single right now, watch those American romantic comedies and think why won’t I get to know a person who can love me like that. But everything has its pace and eventually, everyone finds the love of their life.

But once you are in a relationship for a long time where you can even enjoy comfortable silences, sometimes you may feel that there is no spark like before or this relationship has become quite boring. It does happen to everyone and it is common. I have heard this same dialogue from a lot of my friends who come to me and say that their relationship has become quite boring.

We just don’t get excited about anything and we don’t know what to do now. Are you also feeling the same thing? Don’t worry! We are here to help you ignite that spark within you guys so that you can feel that excitement again. Here are some things you can do to bring back that teenage excitement.

Planning Dates -

Dates are always magical. You would always remember all the dates where you had fun. But after a long time of your relationship, you’ve stopped going on dates because you are quite comfortable at home. Why? Dates let you keep that spark alive. Dates allow you to experiment with your looks, your comfort zone and give you a thrill. What’s wrong with having some fun?.

Try planning a romantic date with your partner. A date can include a candlelight dinner maybe! If you are an adventurous couple, you can try doing any adventure together like Hiking. You can try something fun like karaoke night. If you are a bad singer, this is a bonus!

More Physical Touch -

Physical touch is one of the best ways of telling you I love you, without actually saying it. It shows care and affection towards the person. And being honest, who doesn’t like physical touch? At the start of the relationship where you are holding hands most of the time would give you the feeling of butterflies in your stomach. It is the best feeling in the world. Hugging each other tightly, a small peck on the nose or a forehead kiss is something that would make them feel special at any point in time. I love these gestures. It makes me feel appreciated and very special. Most of them stop doing these things after a while but you shouldn’t stop doing these. It goes both ways.

Words of affirmation/giving compliments -

Who doesn’t like compliments? Compliments can be included in your daily routine. Whenever someone puts in effort for you, a small compliment goes a long way. If she cooks food for you, a small thank you can change her whole mood. If he plans something for you or buys flowers for you, you can appreciate their efforts. They will like it and they will love you even more for that. You can always compliment when someone is looking pretty or smart. Compliments ring people closer to each other. But you also should take the compliment. Don’t always go like no I don’t look that great, you’re just kidding right, you look better, etc. Don’t do that, keep those insecurities away and accept a genuine compliment. It gives happiness to the person who is giving the compliment if you accept the compliment.

More Intimacy -

Intimacy is a very important part of a relationship. If someone tells you that you don’t need to be intimate to feel love then please don’t listen to them. It is called a physical act of love for a reason. It makes you feel loved. It could be cuddling or sex anything you are comfortable with. It makes you feel special and gives you immense happiness when you are both together and make your moment special. If you want you can always experiment with this. Try creating new memories by trying something new every time. It will surely ignite the spark between you two.

Making time for each other -

The most important thing in a relationship is taking out time for each other. Small moments you make together are what make your relationship last longer. To do all the other things mentioned here you have to take out some time from your busy schedule. I know in this fast-paced world, you are struggling with your work-life balance. But one way of relieving your stress is also spending time with your partner, talking to them about your day and asking them about their day. Being cozy with them gives a great feeling and will pull you out of your stress. Try spending more time together. It will help reignite the spark between you.

In short, I would say just live in the present moment and enjoy the romance between you too. Don’t let your small fights or problems affect your relationship negatively. You should get closer every time you fight. Just be happy and try keeping your partner happy. That is the key to a happy relationship.

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