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How Breast Cancer Affects all Genders, LGBTQIA+

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Last year during Diwali I came about the horrific news of my aunt finding a lump in her chest, she was aged 56 at the time and any lump at that age was a cause of worry. Breast Cancer is quite common a disease that affects women all over the world.

Due to lack of awareness, women have suffered this disease without any treatment over years.

We know breast Cancer is a serious issue. Keep in mind to regularly check yourself, and additionally add mammography to the list too, especially after 40. It is observed that it is common in women who are at the age of 40.

What is Mammography?

“X-rays of the breast are called a mammogram. Breast cancer can be detected through a mammogram. A mammogram is an essential tool in the early detection of breast cancer, along with regular clinical exams and self-examinations."

Though this being boring is informative. Breast Cancer to be addressed as much as possible in order to create awareness among people. Many women, including me, are afraid to be in this situation.

I have seen my aunt go through chemotherapy for breast cancer. Seeing someone you love go through something so traumatic is heartbreaking. But my aunt was a fighter, she smiled through each chemo and returned home a warrior. She is cancer free now, and advocates and educates people to spread more awareness.

Although it is physically draining, cancer has a bigger impact on mental health than you can imagine. Not only does it leave scars on the skin, it leaves scars on your mental health too., and not to mention the big fat scars on your bank accounts.

Over the years we have seen many celebrities come around to support breast cancer in the month of October.

Sonam Kapoor is the brand ambassador of the Ogaan Cancer Foundation, which has, in association with the ELLE Breast Cancer Campaign, signed up companies to wear pink for the cause.

Sonam, daughter of Anil Kapoor, lost her aunt Mona, to the disease.

Everything a star does is always in the limelight. Actresses Aditi Rao Hydari, Nargis Fakhri and designers Manish Malhotra and Nishka Lulla have come forward to back the initiative by Ogaan Cancer Foundation and Elle Breast Cancer Campaign during October, which is designated as the Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Nargis Fakhri had recently posted a pink selfie supporting the breast cancer awareness campaign. Celebrities are not immune to diseases either. Nargis recently lost a family member to breast cancer, they are using their social platforms to spread awareness, making great use of such a platform.

It is dreadful that not only people who identify as women but even people who identify as men or any other gender for the matter are subjected to breast cancer.

Diseases do not discriminate when it comes to gender. It is quite necessary that awareness is created and everyone is educated about breast cancer irrespective of their genders.

LGBTQIA+ and Breast Cancer

Cancer as they say it, doesn’t just affect a person, it affects their whole family.

In respect to LGBTQIA+ there is little to no information available as to how it affects them.

A study by Ulrike Boehmer, a Boston University researcher says that the LGBTQIA+ are often ignored by healthcare, and we want to change that.

Research states, LGBTQIA+ folks have less access to cancer treatments. Although many countries are introducing primary healthcare facilities especially LGBTQIA+, India is far behind when it comes to the LGBTQ healthcare. We can only hope that India also takes drastic measures in regards to this.

How to Check for Breast Cancer Lumps at Home

A simple test at home can help you recognize lumps and bumps in your breast. Here is a video showing how to do so.

Prevention sure is better than cure. Let’s shun the taboo around breast cancer and spread as much awareness as possible. Make sure to check yourself regularly at home.

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