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Get a Little Chilly with these Beautiful Winter Destinations

Winter, the season of falling leaves, weddings, honeymoons and vacations is here. But what are you thinking to do during the holidays? Staycation? Or maybe a workcation, better yet, a luxurious adventure sport?

If the answer is yes to any of those, then you have come to the right destination (for now), where two traveling minds are going to meet soon.

With History, Tradition, Spirituality, Architecture, Deserts, Jungle, Rivers, Hills, India is the perfect ensemble of everything, and that’s why we made this list for you with a diversity, where you can find your best destination.

So, be ready to mark your winter calendar with one of these places for an upcoming trip.

Kashmir, Jammu & Kashmir

A little boy standing on a boat, facing the trees in the background.
Beautiful Kashmir

Let’s start from the crown of our land. You might know, Kashmir "the paradise on earth" and to experience this paradise, you should definitely visit Kashmir once during winter months.

With snowfall capping the mountains and temperatures falling down to negatives. Staying in a wooden cottage along with a bonfire with your significant other or your family will surely make for a warm and cozy destination.

Auli, Uttarakhand

Snowcapped mountains, lush green trees and a yellowish green meadow
Awesome Auli

The snow covered meadows and mountains will take your breath away for sure. The white snow everywhere around you, like a white Christmas dream, will melt your heart this Christmas vacation.

Run away to a quite and absolutely cozy winter getaway. This Place is perfect for anyone looking for quite and calm place.

Kurseong, West Bengal

Looking over the little town of kurseong, little huts in between the lush green landscape.
Karismatic Kurseong

For the thrill seeker in you your new favorite place should be “Kurseong, the Land of White Orchids”. You can experience trekking and most recently added sports “HOT AIR BALLOON & ROCK CLIMBING”.

The pleasant climate and the special Momos (dumplings) is a win for both the soul and stomach.

Andaman, Andaman & Nicobar

Andaman is famous for it adventure sports, especially scuba diving and snorkeling. Looking over beautiful Islands & Beaches, the islands also have notable heritage to offer, festivals and exciting plays, this is a one stop destination.

Jet Ski Rides, Seakart, Scuba Diving are few of the most exciting adventures you can take part in on this trip.

Kedarnath, Uttarakhand

river flowing from the temple kedarnath
Incredible Kadarnath

What if we suggest you a place where you can experience hills, rivers, and a pilgrimage all packed in one place, the beautiful and scenic Kedarnath.

The holy shivling on the shore of Ganga and on the lap of Chorabari Glacier. Experience pious Ganga's clean waters and drink from the glaciers. We will give you a minute to process it in your mind.

Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh (Banaras)

a couple on a boat witnessing the old town of banaras
Brilliant Banaras

Varanasi, the ancient city of India, has its own integrity with its heritage, holiness, varieties and culture. The Ganga Aarti, historical Ghats and the Galis will fill your heart with culture and devotion. One important thing to do, Amble in the gali of banaras and know the history of it, where you will recognize the meaning of this line “Banaras Ki Galiyaan”


a blue boat on the shore, with a coconut tree, and a dock
Gokarna is the new Goa

Not a lot of beach lovers know this, but there are other party destinations apart from the very famous Goa.

Not filled with people and in fact filled with soft scenic beaches, where you can be alone and not a soul will bother you.

Sundarban, West Bengal

a eerie yet beuatiful mystice space in water, looking over trees which make it dark.
Sundar Sundarban

How can I forget our sanctuary. If you are adventurous enough to see the natural beauty of various animals then Sundarban is the best place for you. A journey within, and witnessing the Sundari Tree, different snakes, animals, birds and the famous Royal Bengal Tiger.

Now, it’s your time to schedule an Incredible trip in our Incredible India.

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