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Exercises for people who want to be fit but from their bed

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Yeah we know working out can be a real pain in the ass most of the time, and with the holiday season now, you really do want to be looking good at all those Christmas parties. But if you are as lazy as I am but also freak out at the thought of looking out of shape read along!

We know following an exercise routine is way too challenging. Especially if you are a lazy person like me. I always think of squeezing in some exercises in my everyday life and getting fit but always end up in bed eating chips, *sighs*.

Well, I have started with a workout plan, but I generally give up within a week tops. There is always some or other excuse that we create to not work out.

If hitting the gym and going out for a workout is not your scene, well you have come to the right place.

Leg lifts - More Like staying in bed and chilling

Who knew there was more than one way of working out in bed? Leg lifts are one of the most effective workouts. This exercise strengthens your thigh muscles and your core. Try doing 10 sets of 8 leg lifts to see any visible results. We have an illustration below.

Crunches - Trust me it's easier than it looks

Wanna lose those extra pounds around your belly you gained during holiday season? Crunches are a great exercise for that beer/wine belly. I saw results within weeks when I started with crunches.

It strengthens your core when you do it regularly. If you follow it every day, you might be able to see those abs you’ve forever been dreaming of.

Arm Stretches - We call it hugging yourself

This exercise is more like self love, no one to hug you? Just hug yourself. Jokes apart, are you just sitting or in bed doing nothing? Then you can definitely try some arm stretches.

Arm stretches are quite an effective workout for a little jiggle around the arms. Stretch your arms as far as you can and hold it with your other hand until you start feeling pressure in your arm.

This helps tone arms.

Arm Circles - we call this skipping invisible rope

No you don’t have to do the jumping part, just the arm part. Well let’s just say we like toned arms a little too much.

Just extend your hand on the sides and rotate your hand to make circles. It really is just that simple.

Glute Bridges - We save the best for the last. The Lazy bum extravaganza

Glute Bridges are an effective workout for your glutes i.e. your hips. It helps tone your hips and strengthen your core at once. Yes, two effects and only one exercise. Single exercise double the effect.

Get you a perky butt and a stronger core. Don’t you love it when people compliment your body or ask if you are working out? It will help stay in shape minus all the stress.

Lay on your bed and fold your legs like a hill. Then raise your glutes until you form a slant line.

Try these and let us know did you get a perky little tush or g0t rid of the jiggle in your arms.

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