• Suprava Mondal

Easy Solutions for Men’s Glowing Skin

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

Skincare is a range of practices that support skin integrity, enhances its appearance and relieves skin conditions. It is a habit that must be followed by everyone, and for men, It is very necessary.

Men are always busy with their work, so that’s why following a skincare routine on a regular basis is quite hard for them. Your fresh skin always helps you to develop your personality and If you are in your puberty it will definitely help you to shine in front of girls. Just Kidding !

First of all, I want to say one thing that drinking adequate water is the first and most important thing for your skincare. So here’s a skincare routine for you to deal with Acne, Blemishes, Skin Bumps, and everything related to it.

1) Washing:- Washing your face at least twice a day(Before Sleeping and Early Morning) with a Herbal Face wash is a basic duty. Just rub gently all over your face which will help your skin to rejuvenate.

2) Exfoliation:- Exfoliate your skin safely at least once a week to remove the dead skin cells. But please keep in mind that the wrong procedure can damage your skin also.

3) Toning:- After washing your face and before moisturizing, this is the most important action. Just soak a cotton ball with toner and gently rub it on your face. It minimizes pores and gives a subtle glow to your face. Here’s a link to buy your best Toner.

4) Moisturizing:- No matter whatever skin you have, Dry skin, Regular skin or Oily skin but Herbal or Homemade moisturizers hydrate your skin and keep it healthy. You can check out these Herbal Moisturizers or squeeze a lemon and aloe vera leaf and apply it to your face with a cotton ball.

5) Sunscreen:- We all know the noxiousness of UV rays. So that’s why Sunscreen is one of the most important things for us. It also helps us to prevent Skin Cancer. It should be applied indoors also. And here’s a link to the best Sunscreen, which you should definitely check out.

6) Beard Oil:- I think, majority of men are very obsessed with their beard. If you are one of them, then definitely add this thing into your routine. The best time to take this is after taking a hot shower or washing your face. Dry your beard first and then apply Beard Oil so that it’s damp but not wet.

7) Shaving:- Just now I have told you about growing a beard and now I am talking about shaving. You might think that I am joking. So let me clear you that it’s completely up to you to understand what suits you. If you want a clear glowing face then you should try this Shaving Kit to shave accurately.

8) Diet:- More specifically, you can call it “Anti Acne Care”. No it’s not like our stereotypical diet chart. You just have to add or subtract some of our daily foods. Quit sugar, reduce junk foods and say no to packaged fried snacks. Add green vegetables, Fresh fruits into your diet. But please keep in mind that, don’t overdo some specific food.

Now at first feel fresh and refresh your skin with these actions and try to remove stress. Because lesser stress demotes the effect of Cortisol Hormone which harms your skin very much.

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