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Don't know about women's day? find out what it is.

Since childhood, I have seen everyone celebrating Women's Day on the 8th of March. The thing is there are a lot of debates that go on for this. Some say every day is women's day and there shouldn't be a special day celebrating it and some people say that for all the struggles women have been through, it is a necessity to celebrate their spirit.

women's day with lot of women

I think both of them have valid points but I think pointing out the major issues women face and the solution for it is what is necessary and not just the celebration. If you are someone who is shocked by this sentence, let me tell you why. Celebration of something is important but what about the other days where those issues still exist and we are fighting for the basics. Many women would agree with me for this. From my childhood, I have been taught how to behave, what to wear and what not to wear, millions of stupid reasons for not letting a woman go out. I am sure every woman's day you must have heard such things but isn't the issues still prevalent in our society? Let me leave that topic.

Sometimes a woman becomes an enemy for a woman. Like there many of my female relatives who are adamant about the fact that I need to get married and there is nothing else, I can do. I feel sad with the fact that women who have seen the negative effects of letting a woman married forcibly are also giving the same advice. When will society understand the fact no biological clock can decide whether a woman wants to get married or not. Enough with the negatives, there are many things a woman can do if given freedom. Let me list out some of those amazing women for you.

Anandi Gopal Joshi was the first Indian woman to become a doctor. She became a doctor at a time when a woman wasn't even allowed to study. There is nothing a woman can do. It is not a dialogue but a fact. The freedom of women is something that leads them to success. Try leaving their clutched hands for once, so that you can see how amazing they are and how much they can achieve. This women's day let us help our women in gaining their freedom. How can you do this? You can help your colleague, friends, and relatives in understanding their freedom. Helping them when they don't know how they can fight with the society for their basic rights and how they can make their close ones understand what is freedom and why women should also get it.

There are many many major issues that a woman faces in their regular life. Many women get scared and they sacrifice their ideas. One helping hand can change their life. A little bit of hard work and a bit of courage had helped many women like Kamaljeet Sandhu in reaching their goals. Kamaljeet sadhu was the first woman who bought a gold medal in Olympics for India. Many success stories can inspire you. I am not telling you all of this just because it is woman's day, but I am telling you all of these because it is our basic right as a woman and we should be following our passion just like our colleagues, our brothers do.

This woman's day, say no to people you want to say no. This woman's day do try to be free and this woman's day does what your heart wants. Happy woman's day for the courageous woman in you and for letting it out in open. This women's day let’s also make sure we are equal in every aspect and we also give men the opportunities to explore. Let's not allow people to say men can’t cry or men should not use makeup and men cannot have hobbies like dancing or painting etc. Stop assigning gender to things and professions. Happy women's day to all the women and people who support these great people in this world.

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