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Beauty Instagrams of the Week

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

As we enter into the first week of December, this month brings us gorgeous and super creative holiday glam, both over the top and understated. Week 4 of this beauty series is all about glitz and festivity, so here’s a start towards some holiday themed inspo for all your upcoming parties and gatherings.

Sharp Double Wings

A subtle early December look that has a bit more uniqueness than your average liner looks, applying an almost perfectly geometric sharp eyeliner wing along with a little detailing on the lower lash gives the perfect feline look. A bit of bronzer and your favourite shade of lipstick and lip liner and you’re set.

Smokey Lavender

model with head scarf and brown lips, with lavender eyes.

Another delicate but softly blended smoky eye look, even lilac or mauve shades will pair well with a pearly silver shadow and plain black liner with thick lashes and a warm brown satin lipstick like this one. Blush is optional, but highlight is a must.

Ice Queen

Icy green eye shadow with diamonds on the eye lids and nude lip, with feathers around the face of the model

For all your Frozen fantasies, this look isn’t as hard as it looks. A mint green or sky blue shadow is all you need, with some glittery green for the waterline and black eyeliner for contrast and detail. The finishing touch are the placement of those bejewelled stickers we all have lying around and a pretty light pink lip-gloss.

Candy Cane Christmas

A model with bold red lip, red leather gloves and red and black eye liner.

This one is definitely an advanced level, and it’ll take you about a hundred tries till you perfect it, unless you’re born with artistic talent. First of the many Christmas looks we will be seeing this month, this one relies entirely on eyeliner with a little bit of eyeshadow. Start with the silver pearl and black shadow blended, a bit on the crease and the waterline, then a thick wing of jet black eyeliner and small lines of red eyeliner or red liquid lipstick. Match it with bright red lipstick and you’ll steal the crowd.

Desert Dusk

Girl wearing large gold hoop earring, with gold makeup and a nude lip

Moving away from the cooler tones, this one’s stunning especially for warmer skin tones. Lots of highlight and bronzer with sandy brown shimmering eyeshadow and liner, this look is perfect all year round and will always be included each week. Your preferred shade of matte lipstick

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