Hey there!

My name is Falak Kashyap. I work as a creative writer, where I write, poetry, songs, blogs, Ad copies, and anything that interests me. I've been writing poems since I was a kid. Writing always fascinated me and still does. A bilingual, I write in both Hindi, my mother tongue, and English. 

I consider myself as a spiritual person, on the way to a better world. I have begun my spiritual journey and will write a lot about it. 

I've always been interested in skin and make-up. I customize natural skincare products. I extensively read about oils (particularly essential oils) and their various uses, it's more like an obsession now.

On my blog here I share with you, my life, my experiences, my achievements, and downfalls, advice, and everything beyond. 

I also love cooking, music, being outdoors, meditating, and yoga. 

My journey here has just begun.